Permaculture Design Course

72 hour Permaculture Design Course

October 18th – November 1st,  2024,     Wonderfield Farm, Floral City, Florida, USA.  

Course description:  This course is a residential 72 hour Florida permaculture design course focusing on permaculture design strategies and practical homesteading skills for Central Florida.   We will be camping out at the farm and learning in the barn every day.  We will be rotating learning sessions with lectures, visual presentations, and practical hands-on exercises.   Also on the syllabus is a road trip to visit local permaculture demonstration farms.  Teachers are some of the best and most experienced permaculture practitioners and educators from all over Central Florida.  They bring decades of practical Florida solutions to inspire you to a regenerative life.  Full kitchen will be available for all students and partial food will be provided for students’ own preparation.  Camping areas are provided and cabin rentals are available directly from Wonderfield Farm separately.  Education begins at 9:00AM and finishes at 5:00PM.  Full programming begins at 6:30AM and finishes at 9:00PM. 

Cost:   Early Bird $1800 

After September 18th 2024 $2200  

Course Schedule

Friday October 18th Water Ceremony, Introduction to Permaculture

October 19th Permaculture Ethics, Permaculture Design Concepts, Site Observation

October 20th Pattern Understanding, Zone 00, Reading Landscape

October 21st  Methods of Design

October 22nd Trees and Their Energy Transactions, Florida Bananas, Backyard Plant Nursery, Plant Propagation

October 23rd Water & Water Cycles, Water Harvesting Storage & Purification

October 24th Soils, Living Soils Under Microscope, Florida Composting

October 25th Permaculture Structures, Self-Built Housing, World Climates

Saturday October 26th Road Trip Farm Tours

Sunday October 27th Farm Animals, Goat Milk, Business Development & Agrotourism Panel Discussion, Biochar Demonstration

October 28th Invisible Structures & Trusts, Sociocracy, Economic System, Home Economy

October 29th Energy and Appropriate Technology, Compost Teas & Foliar Feeds

October 30th Urban Permaculture, MicroClimates, Hurricanes & Wild Fires, Florida Bamboo, Ecovillages & Community

October 31st Design Presentations

Friday November 1st Graduation & Closing Circle