Cristy Abbott

      Cristy Abbott is a Certified Permaculture Educator, practitioner and consultant who has been sharing her knowledge for over a decade with both children and adults alike, including the topics of permaculture ethics and principles.   She is experienced in regenerative farming practices, urban agriculture, soil building, and seed saving. Cristy currently volunteers at Sweetwater Organic Community Farm – a nonprofit, community supported urban organic farm and environmental education center in Tampa, FL. She is passionate about educating people on the topics of biodiversity and the relationships between soil, plants, animals, and planetary patterns as they relate to the process of farming.
     Cristy has been involved in developing and operating many large and small-scale community gardens and farms, and is passionate about community building and cooperative housing. She participated in the founding of the Faith House Community Garden in St. Petersburg, FL in 2010. The garden received attention from the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition (SUAC) and has now transitioned into the 15th St AgriHub (also known as the St. Pete Eco Village). This community garden, on the edge of downtown St. Petersburg is a Permaculture demonstration site to provide education and hands-on experience. Her students have gone on to create projects such as the Tampa Bay Time Bank, rainwater catchment systems, yoga training, community co-housing, and other community-building projects consistent with Permaculture ethics.
   Her work touring the tri county area schools field trips through Sweetwater Organic Community Farm for nearly two years during the change over from Rick Martinez to Chris and Joni was the greatest adventure for her passion to teach children where real food comes from and how it is all around us if we just know where to look.
 She has been on the Florida Permaculture Convergence Planning team for more than a decade. Greeting each participant with a warm and friendly smile. Gathering Florida’s farmers, gardeners and cooks to the weekends line up of earth friendly families.
  She is currently coaching and mentoring entrepreneur students globally with a concentration on Uganda and Kenya Permaculture projects.
  She is on the Board of Directors for Permaculture Initiative Uganda, LLC and recently toured Butambala Permaculture Learning Center to share her passion and interest in the development of a permaculture school and Eco touring site near Mpigi, Uganda.

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